Parallel Voronoi in Haskell

:: haskell, voronoi, repa, parallel

I recently bought a copy of Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell, by Simon Marlow, also available online here. It’s a very good overview for anyone who (like me) has ever been confused by the wealth of different libraries and primitives for doing concurrency & parallelism in Haskell.

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Haskell Gotchas: Strings

:: haskell, gotchas, strings

I’ve been playing with Haskell on and off for some time now. Let’s face it: it’s not an easy language to learn. I would agree with most people that part of the difficulty comes from its unique features (laziness, purity, etc...), and the abstractions that derive from them when facing real-world problems (Monads, Iteratees, etc...), but my point here is that there are other sources of confusion that keep misleading beginners like myself and that have nothing to do with all that.

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Raw Strings in Racket

:: racket, scheme, lisp

One of the features I missed from the outstanding lisp dialect Racket (formerly known as PLT Scheme), especially when working on windows, was the ability to use some raw string syntax. I this article I explain how easy it is for such a feature to be implemented in Racket thanks to the language’s ability to extend its own syntax.

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Blogging with Jekyll

:: jekyll, blogging

... or, “from static to dynamic and back again”.

I’ve finally decided to set-up a new technical blog. I think one of the main reasons it took me so long to start was that I couldn’t find an engine that matched my taste. Ok... as a coder, my taste is not exactly that of a final user.

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